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Caldera partners with Espresso to bring Decentralized Sequencing to the OP Stack!
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Custom Rollups
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Caldera makes it easy to launch performant, customizable arbArbitrum Orbit and opOP Stack rollups. No code required.

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The New Status Quo

App-specific rollups that enable developers to build their apps without compromises.

On traditional chains

High fees

Slow Transactions



Cheap transactions

Sub-second confirmations

Limitless customizability

Launch A Dedicated Blockchain for your Ecosystem

Take the reins. Customize your chain based on your project’s unique requirements.

All the tools you need

Block Explorers

View and analyze transaction history and state.

Testnet Faucets

Test and debug without spending gas fees.

Bridge UI

Bridge assets from your chain on demand.


Bridge between Caldera rollups and other L1s with Hyperlane.

NFT Marketplace

Create, acquire, and trade digital assets on your chain.


Access off-chain data directly on your rollup.

Instant Confirmation

Execute transactions in milliseconds.


Create the perfect rollup for your application.



Take the reins. Tailor your chain to your project’s requirements.

A Dedicated Lane
A Dedicated Lane

De-risk from gas fee spikes or network outages, get your own scalable, dedicated transaction layer.

Bridge natively
Bridge natively

Avoid centralized bridging risk by using your Caldera chain's two-way trustless bridge. Assets on the Caldera chain are as secure as they are on the L1.

Internalize or eliminate MEV
Internalize or eliminate MEV

Internalize MEV as transaction revenue, or commit to a fair ordering scheme. You have full control over the mempool design.

What People are Saying

Working with Caldera has saved us the equivalent of two full-time engineers who would otherwise be solely focused on blockchain infrastructure.

Kevin Zhang

Co-founder, Curio

Very excited to see what gets built by teams like @Calderaxyz  who are leveraging this integration to deliver OP Stack rollups that use Celestia DA under the hood.

Nick White

COO, Celestia

Crypto is in nuclear winter but as shocking as this may be to some, there are still exceptional builders hacking away, with as much conviction as ever

The @Calderaxyz team are some of them.

Shaun Maguire

General Partner, Sequoia Capital

Scalability and usability are two of the most important issues in the industry, and the only way to solve these is by escaping the competition for blockspace.

Caldera opens up this limitless frontier with rapid and simple app-chains, permitting a manifold of crypto utility.

Ani Pai

Partner, Dragonfly

We're partnering with @Calderaxyz to power our OP stack app chain 🌋

We wanted a reliable, feature rich, and flexible rollup platform to take our app chain to the next level Caldera does exactly that so we couldn't be more happy about this partnership.

UniDex Exchange

DeFi meta-aggregator

With @Calderaxyz, building your web3 application is a breeze. One-click app-rollup deployment that's production-ready and running on mainnet - it’s seriously impressive.


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We're ready to work with you

Caldera chains are live and production-ready. It takes under half an hour to deploy your Ethereum-compatible application to a Caldera Chain.

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